In Colorado our first  few inches of snow of the season usually comes around Halloween or shortly thereafter. It’s a day we always looked forward to, especially for Kylie.. Kylie loved the snow! The first snow usually looked something like this:

This year apparently the mild, rainy summer we had is going to lead into a long snowy winter because we’re already enduring our first significant snow storm today. (by significant we mean at least a foot of snow)

The season’s first snow was actually last week. Without Kylie it was the saddest snow ever..  🙁


Everybody loves this photo.

..wonder what she’s day dreaming about?

We have a very good friend in California, so good in fact we adopted his parents! They’re the best! Naturally they became Kylie’s doting grandparents, and Kylie loved her grandparents!

Our best road trips were to visit them in Anaheim, and as soon as we arrived she became a different dog. She was so sweet and docile and well behaved… it was weird. We would go gallivanting with our friends and Kylie would stay at the house with her grandparents. She would sit between them on a lay-z-boy and let them spoil her rotten. She would follow them around, go on walks around the neighborhood, being friendly to neighborhood dogs. It didn’t hurt that she got a steady supply of roast beef from her grandma!

After a couple days of that we would ask her, “who are you and what have you done with our punk ass dog?” So we would try and out her. We would get one of the toys she loved to terrorize, we always brought one or two along, and try and get her riled up. It actually only worked once. She suddenly got vicious and pounced on the toy and growled aggressively. Then she suddenly stopped and looked around, and her grandma was shocked, and just as we were about to say, “you see, she’s a mean dog,” her grandma said, “Oh Kylie, are they picking on you? You poor thing.” And Kylie didn’t miss a beat, she played along and went to her like she had been beaten so that she could be comforted with a whole slice of roast beef.

Con Artist!!


The funny thing was that this behavior would go on the whole time we were there, then as soon as the first back pack was in the hatch back, Kylie was in the car and you couldn’t convince her to get out again.

As much as she loved being there, being treated like a princess, she never totally lost that fear of abandonment that shelter dogs always have. She knew if we were loading the car it meant we were leaving and she was not going to be left behind.

Silly girl, like we would ever leave her!

We learned what we were dealing with very early on in our relationship with Kylie. She had come to live with us in September and at the cutietime, one of the girls was working on art installations at a club in waikiki along with a very cute boy named Gary. So we two girls were constantly going on and on in front of Kylie about Gary this and Gary that, and basically swooning as girls will do in their 20’s.. Gary, Gary, Gary.

One evening that October, we were taking dinner to a couple coworkers at the club including the cute boy, Gary.  Kylie was with us because even though she had only been living with us for a matter of weeks she had already become our constant little sidekick – besides she needed more driving lessons! We got out of the car and the guys walked out to meet us and as soon as Gary came out and we said “Hi Gary,” Kylie took off running toward Gary. Up to this point, we had observed that Kylie was a little scared or intimidated around men, especially tall men and Gary was over 6 feet tall; but she ran straight up to him dropped on the ground and rolled over on her back wagging her tail.

Naturally Gary bent down and rubbed her belly and told her how cute and sweet she was. While he was doing that Kylie, and we are not making this up, looked over at us with an unmistakable expression on her little face.. “Ha ha! The cute boy likes me and is petting me – not you!” Our jaws dropped and we looked at each other like what have we gotten ourselves into!? After their little interlude Kylie was just so pleased with herself, and we were aware for the first time of how in-tune she was with us. And we were aware of what a piece of work she was!

Right on top of Kylie’s head, near the middle of that white stripe, there was a unicornbump on her little skull. You couldn’t see it but you could feel it, it had always been there, a little left of center (which seemed appropriate).

Our first thought.. devil horns!

But there was only one and it wasn’t really in the right place.

Then we realized she must have been a Unicorn!!

It was a little off-center because you know the unicorn’s horn is a spiral.

It made perfect sense and explained why Kylie was so very UNIque!

It’s kind of cliche’ to begin a story at the end but in this case it’s absolutely necessary just to get the sad part out of the way. This site is intended to chronicle the laughs, the love, the life of Kylie, and to remember how wonderful she made our lives everyday!

Last week, sadly Kylie, had to move on from her life with us to greater adventures. But we willmisskylie3 never forget how she changed our lives.

Kylie was truly exceptional, and one of a kind, totally worthy of her own website on the internet since 1996! But for those of you not familiar with, here are some things you should know:

Kylie was more well-traveled than lots of people. She was born in hawaii which truly makes it paradise, we adopted her from the Humane Society there when she was eight months old. Then we moved to new jersey when she was 4 and that became her launching pad. She’s literally been from coast to coast (and Canada) including:

New York City (including Times Square, Central Park, and Rockerfeller Center at Christmas)
Amish Country
New England
Washington DC
Las Vegas (one of her favorite destinations)
Plus many less “exciting” destinations like Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, etc.

Kylie loved road trips! She visited multiple world’s wonders – Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, and Old Faithful. She’s seen Hoover Dam, The Space Needle, Pike’s Peak, Royal Gorge bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, even the Hockey Hall of Fame (can you believe they wouldn’t let her in)! And of course the ever-popular roadside oddities like Carhenge, that big thermometer in Baker, CA, and the entire town of Roswell, NM.

misskylie2We moved to colorado about seven years ago and Kylie loved it here too. The weather is nice in Denver almost all the time so she got to go on many hikes, and loves climbing up rocks and walking through streams, and chasing bunnies, and she really loves the snow, going sledding, and going to the mountains!

Kylie is quite famous! She was on the radio when we had a friend in honolulu that was a dj who let her hang out in the booth with him. Then she moved on to television when her Psychic Puppy Network got media attention. It was featured on the So Graham Norton show in the UK, then she was interviewed for a television show called “The Internet Tonight” on the former TechTV channel (now G4). PPN (the psychic puppy network) was also featured in a newspaper in florida, on USA today’s website, on Seventeen magazine’s website, and for awhile it was a link on Penn & Teller’s website.

Kylie was even a model! Wag n Wash used her as a spokesmodel on their website and in their brochure and print ads. She was very photogenic even though she really didn’t like the camera. Kylie is possibly one of the most photographed dog in the world, just visit her flickr page (or click all the blue links in this post) and you’ll see what I mean.

Kylie was such a comedian, she made us laugh almost every day. She was our child, our best friend, and she was a Rock Star! She was loved by everyone who knew her, and thanks to her website even by some who never met her. We were so privileged that she shared her life with us.


Of course and our memories of this sweet funny girl will live on. It was all a work of love, for the most special soul we have ever known, but we still find ourselves driven to share the wonderment of Kylie with the rest of the world – she really was just too special for just two girls to maintain – so here we will share her with you. Not in chronological or any other kind of order necessarily, just as it comes. We hope it will bring you a small fraction of the happiness she brought to us.