Kylie, like most dogs was not a big fan of the vacuum. She wasn’t terrified or traumatized, like with thunder, but she was very leery and overly concerned whenever we fired it up. So like with the thunder, we encouraged her to be brave. We wanted to empower her so while we were cleaning the carpet we would repeatedly tell her, “get it, Kylie!” and point at the noisy machine. And like with the thunder, it really worked!

She would walk right up to the vacuum to confront it head on, making some crazy noises. She’d be barking, howling, almost shrieking – I think at least partly because she was trying to be louder than it. But when that failed to stop it or even shut it up she pulled out all the stops.. she would actually try to bite it!

She would put her mouth on it growling viciously, then trying a new spot to chomp on, looking for a more vulnerable spot.

We have thought many times we wish we had a video of these shenanigans, but I think it never occured to us because the sound would be a little overwhelming. But I just came across these photos and had to share.

Anyway, she would pretty quickly get over it, declare a victory and go on about her business – as you may have gathered, Kylie always had a pretty full agenda. But it never failed to make us laugh!

Kylie never failed to make us happy, its hard to conceive of beginning another year without her.