We had only been in our house, where Kylie finally had her own big back yard, about a week and half or so when us girls went out for the evening to a concert downtown. It was the first time Kylie had been left alone in the house at all, let alone for several hours. Actually Kylie was hardly ever, very rarely ever left home alone at all, we took her absolutely everywhere we thought we could get away with it and even some places we knew we shouldn’t. It was so rare in fact I think it bothered us more than her when it did happen, she was probably happy on occasion to get some “me time” without us gettin’ in her business. On this particular evening however that was apparently not the case!

One of the first things we did when we moved in, like literally day one, was to go and get a doggie door that fit properly to give her immediate access to her yard 24/7. So its not like she was trapped indoors, so I’m not sure why she was so unhappy that we left, but she proceeded to spend the evening letting one of us know exactly what she thought…

Somehow Kylie managed to fill one girl’s bed with sand!!

What was impressive about it was that the bed was in the back of the house, as far away from the doggie door as it possibly could have been, and there wasn’t a trail of sand leading to it, there was just a bucket-full in the bed itself! Much time was devoted to speculating as to how she did it, and many theories were concocted.. Did she dig it up, clench up her little paws while she walked down the hall to hold it between her paws, waiting to release it until she got up the ramp and onto the bed?  Did she roll around outside then come back in, down the hall, up the ramp, and aggressively shake as a dog will do? We asked her… but she wasn’t talkin’! She just looked around for somebody else to blame, which lead to another theory… did she hire some raccoons?

To make matters worse, or better if you’re on Kylie’s side.. it rained most of the time we were gone. So it wasn’t just sand, it was wet-dog-scented sand!