Just last week I got an email from a long-lost email pal:

..wondered how you and everyone’s favorite wonder dog were doing,  imagine my sadness to discover that she passed on nearly 3 years ago…i am so sorry for your loss.  i know you loved her dearly (and how could you not…her cuteness and personality were overwhelming just in pictures, so i can only imagine how much more so it was in person).  i’m having fun looking through the pictures on “two girls and a dog” and can really see how much joy and love kylie brought to your lives.

i have a bumper sticker on my car that says, “i didn’t rescue my cat, my cat rescued me.” sounds like the same could apply to you guys (replacing “cat” with “magical wonder dog” of course).  🙂

i have a son now, a 17-month-old firecracker..  his favorite word at the moment is “puppy”, so we’re looking at the pictures of kylie together.

i like to think i’m raising another fan to keep kylie’s memory alive.

It was so sad & wonderful to receive this thoughtful message, and to be reminded that Kylie touched the lives of so many people. And especially wonderful to know there will be a whole new generation of the Kylie club!

We miss her so much, every single day, she made our lives full and happy, she made most every day an adventure. We really had no choice but to share her and her shenanigans with the world, its bittersweet to know that so many others miss her too.