Once we were on one of our notorious road trips with Kylie, and we were pulling up to our hotel for the evening – which would have been a Motel 6 or Super 8 since not many hotels allowed dogs back then. As we were parking a man who had just stepped out of one of the rooms was staring at us, and looking at us very strangely, which is not a good feeling in that scenario. But as we came to a stop he stepped back in his room and came back out a few seconds later holding his dog.. which looked exactly like Kylie! Well, except that his dog was a greyhound! (This explained the staring and the strange look.. he had seen Kylie in the car and noticed she looked like his dog.) We all laughed about how amazingly similar their coats and markings were even though they were totally different in shape & size.

Another time we were at a fund-raising event for a local animal shelter and saw a couple carrying Kylie’s ‘mini me’. So of course it was totally adorable! We stopped and talked to them as well, it was like the greyhound situation but this time Kylie was the big dog!

Too bad we didn’t take pictures of these other dogs, but it doesn’t matter… because there may be other dogs that look like Kylie either a little of a lot (including the one who lives with us now) but there was only ever ONE Kylie!


There never will be anyone, canine or human or otherwise, as amazing and fabulous and fun and beautiful as our Kylie! She was like a unicorn or an alien, but cuter than either or both, and the world is less without her, as are we.