Once when Kylie was still a pretty young pup, back in Hawaii. We had ordered a big jug of doggie bagels. She was very pleased! So when offering them to her we just opened the big jug and held it out so she could stick her little snout in and grab one. But the little dog who seemed otherwise fearless, and always looking for trouble, was scared to stick her head in the container..

So in an attempt to empower her, as always, we encouraged her to just go for it – “carpe’ bagel, Kylie!” But she¬† wasn’t buying it, so then we tried reverse psychology, “Ok, guess you don’t want a bagel. Well, we’ll just leave this big, open container of doggie bagels on the kitchen floor.” And we walked away.

Unfortunately -or fortunately for Kylie- we girls have always had pretty short attention span. So half an hour later when we realized Kylie was chomping away on a big bagel, we said “uh-oh!” We went to the kitchen to find a half-empty (although at the time it seemed half-full) container of bagels! Woops! No wonder Kylie was pretty pudgy as a pup! She was sneaky!!

But the importance of this incidence was setting the precedence of Kylie conquering her fears. As long as we were patient and encouraging.. Kylie could do anything!

Drive a car, sled down the big hill, maybe even wrestle alligators.. but on that one we decided we should hold her back! (we weren’t always bad parents!)