Kylie’s first (of many) professional photo shoot was in black & white.

Such a beautiful girl! She looks very glamorous, and is still featured on Doghouse Studios website..

Thanks, Xan!


We’ve mentioned how much Kylie loved a road trip, well she really enjoyed camping too – if you did it right. And the right way to go camping was at home!

Usually we set up camp in the temperature controled living room with all the necessities lots of pillows and blankets and of course junk food! We would hang out and play, things like simulated storm, or blair witch project, or most often her favorite, in other words, her most hated toys would launch an attack and then hover just out of reach hanging from the top of the tent where kylie would jump and jump on the futon mattress until she got them.  Of course then they would manage to pounce up on top of the tent and torment her. Kylie would launch herself, full force up onto the sides of the tent until they would tumble down to their own demise.

Naturally after all that the tent was a great place to take a nap. Napping however was the only sleeping that was to be done in the tent… when it was bed time, Kylie would climb out of the tent and go directly to bed, her regular bed. And no amount of coaxing would convince her that when you’re camping you’re supposed to sleep in the tent.. all night! She would look at me like I was some kind of weirdo, like “who in their right mind sleeps in the living room (or a couple times on the back patio) in a tent when there is a perfectly good bed in the BED-room? Geesh, dummies, play time is over!”

We have told people many times that Kylie was our ticket to a second childhood, but the fact is sometimes Kylie was just more mature than us – and not afraid to let us know it!