We’ve mentioned how much Kylie loved a road trip, it was absolutely our favorite family thing. But you may not be aware that she was quite the prolific little traveler.

The Travel Logs on Kyliedog.com is one of the most exciting parts of her website, where she shares all about her coast to coast excursions. From autumn in New England to sunny California, she visited natural wonders, historical landmarks, and roadside oddities, she loved nothing more than sniffing out new territory (and new hotel rooms).

There’s a pin on the map for every little point of interest along the way.. after all, life’s about the journey, and getting there is half the fun, and all that good stuff!

What was interesting is how often the people gathered at these popular tourist attractions acted like Kylie was the attraction. On Fremont Street in Las Vegas people just couldn’t get over the little dog in the backpack, “look at the dog!” “hey look, there’s a dog!” “omg, look how cute that dog is!” At a truck stop once she was cruising around in her sunglasses and somebody asked if they could take her picture!

We realized at some point that starting Kylie’s website and blog was one of the best things we ever did. It gave us incentive to go on trips and take lots of pictures, and to take absolutely every opportunity to make our life together a series of little adventures!

And it truly was.. we miss those adventures and Kylie’s spirit of adventure every day!