For fifteen years we were inseparable, two girls and a dog, a trio of trouble and three very  lucky souls to have found each other.

The two girls existed before the dog, we had become fast friends with the shared goal to get an apartment so we could get a DOG.  But we didn’t really LIVE until she entered our lives.

Soon after we “rescued” Kylie we realized she wasn’t really a dog, she was more like a unicorn (or maybe an alien) wearing a dog suit. She was our kid, our best friend, our partner in crime and a complete clown; and now we feel lost without her.

So all we can do now is continue to share Kylie with the world, like we have on kyliedog.com since she was wee, so that we can honor and always remember how wonderful our lives together were.

Kylie brought us joy we never thought we would ever experience and she gave us love, love that we had never known before. We will miss her everyday.


This site is where we intend to chronicle the story of our lives with this amazing little creature. We hope you enjoy getting to know her.