Even though Kylie got a larger volume of presents for christmas, nothing was better than birthdays because birthdays went on for a month!

April was birthday month, and of course the best part about birthday month was birthday cake!! we tried to always get the most special, super-awesome doggie cake we could find. For a few years that meant Three Dog Bakery cakes with Kylie spelled out in carob; or perhaps an entire cake covered in carob.

Then there was one year where we had special-ordered that yummy carob cake only to find out that miss Kylie had decided that she was no longer buying into the whole carob facade, so she turned up her cute little nose at her birthday cake that year. But that’s when we found the cream cheese and chicken cakes and those never ever disappointed her! And each and every time a portion of cake was served there was singing.. so as soon as she heard that first note “Haaaaa” as in “happy birthday to you” she would get up and do the birthday dance! And never have you seen such pure, unadulterated JOY..

Then there was birthday week, which whenever we could afford it, included a little road trip somewhere, for the week¬† or just the weekend or maybe just for the day on Birthday Day!¬† Even if was only a trip to McDonald’s for Kylie’s Happy [birthday] Meal and then to the park, it was pretty much the Best Day of the Year – for all three of us!

Today is Birthday Day.. and now it’s pretty much the day we miss her most of all.




A young and very sassy looking Kylie..

It’s great when we come across a picture we haven’t seen in years, it’s like seeing her in that state for the first time!