Clearly Kylie had some very specific sleeping preferences, like the princess and the pea perhaps. And of course she never had a lack of options, she pretty much had a bed in every room of the house.

Then one day we were at the grand opening of Wag n Wash in Colorado Springs, and we were having a conversation with some people about their dog, and about Kylie dog (you know how dog people are). We were going on and on, as we will do, about how great Kylie is, and how smart Kylie is, etc. And not kidding, quite literally, we were in the process of telling them how she never ever used the bathroom where she wasn’t supposed to, when somebody interrupted, and said “Uhmm,” and pointed at Kylie. She had gotten up onto the bottom shelf where they had lots of beds on display and was positioned right in the middle of a rather large one… relieving herself.

Yes, that’s right, she peed on a bed in the store!! We were mortified! But Kylie seemed oddly self-satisfied. We told the proprietors, coincidentally good friends of ours, that we would of course buy the bed. They said we didn’t have to do that but we insisted, and explained that’s why Kylie gets allowance, to pay for her mistakes. Then they insisted that because the bed was peed on, we get a discount!

The important thing to know is that when I referred to the bed in question as “rather large,” that was rather an understatement… IT IS HUGE!! Seriously, a portly St. Bernard could stretch out and sleep comfortably in this thing! But we brought it home, laundered the cover and put it back together, at which point Kylie climbed in it and promptly fell asleep. At which point we promptly figured out that Kylie peed on that bed on purpose!

Let’s be honest, Kylie was pretty spoiled. Pretty much anything she showed interest in, and plenty of things she didn’t, we bought for her. But she had to know there was no way we would have bought a rather expensive, rather gigantic, bed that we barely had room for. So what’s a dog to do? “Hmm, I’ll bet if I pee on it, they’ll have to buy it!” And what do you know.. it worked!

And from then on, for several years anyway, that was Kylie’s favorite place to snooze – in a bed five times bigger than her!

And from then on, for several years anyway, our friends at Wag n’ Wash would encourage Kylie to “shop” whenever she wanted, aka, pee on whatever she wanted!