Once we moved from Hawaii to the east coast, we were completely intrigued by the lottery, including Kylie! (Hawaii, lucky1is still one of the few states with no form of lottery or legalized gambling.) I don’t mean intrigued like we needed to
be featured on an episode of “Intervention”, we didn’t even play habitually, but occasionally we did enjoy picking up a few scratchers at the local Wawa store or 7-11

And the ritual was to always first rub the scratcher cards on Kylie’s butt for good luck!

Oddly, her butt was quite lucky.. She almost always at least broke even, often won at least a few bucks, sometimes even $8 or $10, and rarely ever got nothing. And yes of course, the money she won she got to keep and and to her allowance, stashed in her piggy bank. And naturally when she didn’t win, the money for the tickets came out of our pockets, not her allowance, because obviously we picked the wrong ticket!



Unfortunately, the luck seemed to be limited to the little scratchers, and believe me we tried with Powerball tickets too. And while we obviously never got rich, we didn’t care… we had already hit the jackpot – we had Kylie!