Clearly comfort is very important to Kylie, and ok, maybe she was a little spoiled…

Once upon a time one girl bought a new set of sheets that she selected strictly for the lovely color, giving little thought to the thread count which was around 200. She came home and put the sheets on the bed where Kylie at the time normally slept with her. That night Kylie got up on the bed and laid down, but something wasn’t quite right. She tried turning around in circles before laying down again, as a dog will do when they can’t quite get comfy. When that was unsuccessful, she tried digging and digging into the sheets like she was trying to uncover the real bedding where she was accustomed to sleeping, but that didn’t work either.

So finally with a “Fffthph” she got off the bed and laid on the floor!

The new sheets were promptly returned and replaced with something in the neighborhood of 400 thread count!


In all of Kylie’s travels, and she loved to travel, it was kind of a thing to stop at the state line signs and take her picture. Sometimes it was challenging with traffic rushing by and what not, but we usually did try to make sure we weren’t risking life and limb on the side of the road (we were bad parents, but not that bad).

So to really compliment her collection of state sign photos we decided to make a trek to four corners. We thought it would be cool for Kylie to be in four states at once, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. In retrospect, “cool” was probably an overestimation, it’s like the definition of the middle of nowhere down there! Anyway, we drove and drove and drove and drove, which was fine because with Kylie it was all about the journey. We finally got there and it was like she was on a mission. She walked straight up to the marker and all on her own she sat her little butt down right in the middle where the four corners meet. And even though she wasn’t a big fan of the whole picture taking process, she looked up at us, squinting in the ridiculous wind, and it was like she was saying, “ok, this is what we drove all this way for, go ahead and take my picture!” we just laughed.

All together Kylie visited 25 states I think, plus DC, and oh yeah.. Canada, twice! That’s quite a lot for one little dog!