It may seem a bit out of order to go from spring flowers to winter sports, but for the record it snowed on our spring flowers last night. Besides, Kylie was not one to stick to anybody’s rules about keeping things in order!

Kylie LOVED snow, and one of her favorite things to do in the snow… SLEDDING!

No, she didn’t go down on her own but as soon as we would sit down on the sled she was very happy to jump on your lap!

She was even happier at the bottom of the hill to jump off, shake, and head back up the hill.. it was almost like she was saying, “Let’s do it again!”

And whenever we were at a really populated sled hill, people were always amazed and amused, “look at the dog getting on the sled!” But Kylie always was a crowd-pleaser.

Of course sledding is exhausting work, sometimes on a sunny sledding day the sled itself became the perfect place for a nap. Or if we were sledding in the mountains, it would be a very quiet car ride because Kylie would be passed out all the way home!