It’s a sad day. It seems incomprehensible that Kylie has been gone, from the planet but not from our hearts, for seven years. There’s never a day when we don’t think of her and miss her and her beautiful silliness.

For example, we were just talking about how we would be lounging in the living room and Kylie would go out her doggie door and come right back in, then go right back out and come right back in, over and over.. Until somebody would ask “Kylie, what are you doing?” She would respond with a look trying to convey that something very important was happening, and we should come and check it out. Not quite the “Timmy fell down a well” look, but there was definitely a sense of urgency.

After just a few minutes of this excitement one of us girls (aka, suckers) would get up to go see what was going on outside, but as soon as you took a step in her direction, Kylie would bolt to the Cookie Bar all excited! – ‘As long as you’re up, you might as well come over here and give me a cookie!’

Of course we would try and resist and explain to her about The Dog Who Cried Wolf, but since we actually admired her powers of manipulation, she usually did get a cookie out of the deal! Which meant she would play this little trick repeatedly! What can we say… we were happy to be Kylie’s bitches!