We’re in the middle of the hottest time of year here in Colorado, several days in a row approaching triple digits – this was NOT Kylie’s favorite! Since leaving her tropical home in Hawaii behind, and since the first time she experienced winter, Kylie became a snow dog! And the heat meant several days in a row where she couldn’t go anywhere. (at least not until we went to the drive inn on friday night!)

In the winter, we would put layers of clothes on her and we even put a heating pad in her booster seat in the car so she could go everywhere with us. She had very fashionable parkas and even a snow suit for our sledding trips. But in the summer, we could strip her down to naked and spray her with water, which she did not appreciate by the way, but since she was always wearing that pretty fur coat there was only so much you could do to keep Kylie cool.

Buvows1t on a few occasions we made an exception and ventured out in the heat with Kylie, water bottles in tow. One such occasion was a dog event in July, specifically a mass “Dog Wedding”. That just seemed like too much ridiculousness to pass up, and hey, if all the other dogs could handle the heat so could Kylie.  Of course there were concerns when taking Kylie to ‘dog events’ not matter what the season; remember Kylie was not a fan of other dogs! So we went to the wedding prepared to take the usual precautions. But what we learned there is that the heat was sort of like Kylie’s Kryptonite. She was far too busy seeking shady spots or a place to lie down, to bother with confrontations. The further her tongue fell out of her face, the less concerned she became with having her butt sniffed or any other doggie body buffer zone violations!

While this realization did not mean the three of us started spending lots of time out of doors in the Summer (us girls kind of hate the heat too), it did make us more likely to consider it. So at least Kylie could get out and have some fun until temperatures came back down, and it was time for snowfall and sledding again!