Everybody loves this photo.

..wonder what she’s day dreaming about?

In that same new jersey apartment where Kylie attacked the sprinklers on a nightly basis, she also gained access to her first doggie door – sort of…

firstddBehind the apartment was an open space and a large ravine between us and a tree line. On occasion we would spot a fox or even a couple of deer – yes, in new jersey. Anyway… We had put a stool under the window looking out that direction that was the perfect height for Kylie to sit and gaze. Then at some point we started opening the window and letting Kylie hop out, sniff around, pee if need be, then hop back in. Of course then it became quite convenient, especially first thing in the morning or late at night to open the window, let Kylie out, go do what you gotta do, wait for Kylie to jump back in, and close the window. I know right, bad parenting!

Especially the time when she jumped out the window and right into the face of a great big dog on a leash who was unpleasantly surprised to see her. Or the time when I let her out mid-evening, and since it was cold, I shut the window while waiting, got distracted and about fifteen minutes later remembered, “Holy Crap, Kylie’s outside!!” I put on shoes and opened the front door prepared to go out and search, but there she was sitting right outside the door. She looked up at me like “what the heck is wrong with you?”

Fortunately Kylie was (usually) quick to forgive.

Here’s a friday night movie for all you Kylie fans! It’s an action Flick..

Kylie used to do this every night in the summer in our New Jersey apartment. And the sprinklers didn’t come on until 11 PM!

When we lived in jersey, both girls had 8-5 jobs away from the house and away from Kylie (neither of us could have imagined that in recent years – we’ve been working almost entirely at home since 01). But Kylie was very much in need of supervision + we missed her a lot, so we set up the Kylie Cam, a live, streaming web cam that we could monitor online from our desks.

Mostly she just slept on the couch, until friends at work learned about the camera and learned that if they called the apartment the phone ringing would wake Kylie up. So the poor thing was constantly having her naps interrupted.

We were also able to take still pictures with the web cam and it gave us some of the funniest pictures ever!

click the images for slightly larger versions.