The only time we ever took a trip without Kylie was to go home and visit Hawaii (stupid quarantine kept her from being able to go). But of course she never saw the inside of a kennel.. she always stayed with friends, or they stayed with her.

On one such occasion, we went to the Aloha state and Kylie stayed with her godmom, Merrianne, and her best frien-emy Min. Merrianne was kind enough to send us a few emails with pictures of their adventures while we were away. Of course we were always thrilled to get these, but almost every time we would be shocked at what we saw..

Ok, well this one is shocking for obvious reasons, but as long as she’s having fun and she doesn’t look like that when we get home, then fine.

Clearly in this one she was having fun, however historically Kylie was borderline terrified of balloons, or at least highly suspicious. And ps, she wasn’t a big fan of bandanas either so at this point we were starting to get pretty suspicious ourselves.

Then came this one..

To which we said, “Alright.. who’s that dog, and what have you done with Kylie?!”

It was common knowledge that Kylie did not like other dogs in general, and Golden Retrievers in particular were to be avoided at all cost (see also, The Boston Incident).

We briefly considered booking an early flight home, clearly they were brain-washing our Kylie!! But again, it was clear she was having a good time. [Truth be told we were considering coming home early because Kylie was having too much fun with out us!]

We still talk about these pictures when we see them and contemplate why she would be such a different dog when she was not around us… hmmm. Still don’t know.

But we still miss her like crazy, and hope like crazy that she is having a good time without us now.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Girl!


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