Occasionally, but rarely, Kylie would do something totally dog-like; for example eating grass. In fact one day out of the blue, she decided to snack on the only vegetation in our tiny little yard (really just a large patio area), which was some kind of flowers. Of course we only found out she had been grazing when it turned out the apparently yummy flowers did not agree with her. So we of course then pulled up all the remaining flowers to avoid a repeat of that unfortunate incident. Then the next time we were at petsmart or petco, we saw some little containers of “Pet Grass” – grass that you buy for your pet to allow them to eat when they are having those cravings.

Of course Kylie was completely uninterested in the grass we encouraged her to eat!

..until one afternoon when it seems for our entertainment, as well as her own, she decided to very enthusiastically partake in some Pet Grass!

It was so funny! Kylie was a riot! We miss that cute little clown so much!

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