Kylie didn’t just love dirt, she loved a good dirt bath! That’s what we called it when she was feeling good and would roll around on her back and twist and kick and snort. (when horses do it, you call it a dirt bath) It was hilarious! But it was nearly impossible to catch on camera because it was really spontaneous (and usually took place under poor lighting).

The short film below was made just a few months ago. It’s a really short dirt bath – sometimes it went on for several minutes – then you’ll notice she notices the camera..

So cute!

Btw, there’s a lot of videos of Kylie on You Tube. Just search on Kylie dog or on popartpet.

This just in! We found some older photos of the dirt bath! It’s harder to fully appreciate the truly acrobatic nature of the dirt bath from still photography, but having seen the video already you get the idea.

And it’s still funny!

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March 1st, 2009

These are such remarkable photos of Kylie… her eyes are so clear and calm and she looks so healthy and happy. I love these photos and look forward to seeing them with every post!

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