One of our favorite things to do in the summer as a family was to go to the drive in movie. We would throw a futon mattress and a bunch of pillows and blankets in the back of the crv pack up a bunch of snacks and head out nearly every weekend.


Kylie loved it, though she was more interested in the stray cats that roamed the drive in, than whatever movie was on the screen, so for her it was alwaysscreen2 an action adventure! She would growl, in that low, threatening, jack russell terrorist growl when the cats (or sometimes kids) would come near. And if they kept coming she’d break into a bark and then get shushed, but it was so funny! Then she would remain vigil as long as she could until she got too sleepy.  Sometimes we’d explore during intermission (sometimes even during the film), and you can imagine how intriguing the smells were.

She also especially enjoyed the “movie snacks” because we also packed treats for her! And of course she also got to share the popcorn, or nachos, or whatever we got when we would visit the snack bar.

It didn’t matter to us what movies were playing  either, in fact we watched some pretty crappy movies. It was just the most fun form of affordable family entertainment, where we could all just be together.  It was about the experience! And like everything else we did together, it was always fun for us just to watch Kylie experience things.

And it often was quite an adventure, between cats, and bats (yes, bats), swarms of moths, smokers, and noisy teenagers, cold, hot, rain or shine – well not shine that really wouldn’t work – we always had fun, because we were together.

We miss you Kylie, and miss taking you to the drive in.