We’ve been asked a number of times over the years, “where’d you get the name Kylie?” Oddly we don’t exactly remember.

We had a chalkboard in the apartment where all three roommates wrote suggestions. We remember writing Penelope, Snickerdoodle, Snoopy and the like, but we don’t know who wrote KYLIE or why. It was way after Kylie Minogue’s “Loca-Motion” had left the station, and long before her comeback came back, and I can’t really think of any other famous Kylies.

I can kind of imagine Kylie herself, maybe when we were all asleep, somehow climbing up onto the shelf under the chalkboard and putting the chalk in her mouth and spelling out K-Y-L-I-E, because obviously that was meant to be her name. We all agreed, Kylie it is.

In Australia a kylie is a curved stick or a boomerang, which is appropriate because we could let Kylie run and explore and she would always come back.

meankylie At a gift shop at the space needle where they were kind enough to let Kylie come in and do some shopping we found these little picture frames that had names along with what the name “meant,” you know the type. It reads, “KYLIE, An Australian name influenced by ‘Kyle’ and ‘Kelly.’ A very emotional and romantic person, she is full of energy and able to mesmerize those around her.”

I have to say, that’s actually pretty accurate, except for the romantic part maybe! So of course I bought the frame, but to be ironic I put this picture in it.

After Kylie became Kylie, we filled the chalkboard in that old apartment with nicknames that she earned in the early days, like Frankenweenie – which was a reference to her metal stitches on her scar from when she was spayed, Iron Belly – because she could eat anything like a whole rib bone and a roach trap, Trashhound – which is pretty obvious, and oh yeah, Ready Kilowatt – because she chewed through electrical cords, even some that were plugged in, giving her quite a jolt!