Well since we admitted already that Kylie’s no angel, here’s a specific example of how bad (yet smart) she could be.. In order to help her maintain her mobility and flexibility in her adulthood we took Kylie swimming once a week. She didn’t “enjoy” it per se, but she was willing and  after her swim session she would always play around in the rehab area like a loony, running and jumping so it seemed to make her feel good.

During her sessions Kylie swam in an endless pool  – you know the ones that generate a current for you to swim against, and with her short neck she did have a little trouble keeping her chin up. So to help her keep from struggling we winched her up a little using the handle on the back of her life jacket. This seemed to work great until…

One day her swim coach unhooked her a little early and she didn’t see it coming and as soon as the hook came off she SANK like a stone!! For a few seconds she actually swam under water! It turns out Kylie had been FAKING it, letting the hook hold her up and pretending to swim!

We were not happy (swimming sessions were like $35/each).. but we were laughing! And soon after, Kylie found herself spending her swimming sessions on the underwater treadmill where there was no way to cheat. Although she did sometimes attempt to keep her front feet on the ledge on the front of treadmill – but hey you can’t blame a girl for trying!

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