Before we had our CRV we borrowed one from some friends to drive up into the mountains. Kylie rode in the backseat of course, and she made herself at home on a child’s car seat. She loved it!! She loved the elevation, inside and out of the car, and especially in the car seat where she could get even higher and look down into the other cars – or at least be eye level with them. In Colorado almost everybody drives an suv and apparently she didn’t like the view from the little honda hatchback so much.

It was then that we decided to buy a CRV for ourselves – well, more accurately for Kylie! But we told her that we absolutely refused to put a child safety seat in the back!  Fortunately we found something better.. a booster seat! It was made specifically for dogs, it provided a comfortable raised seat, storage space under the seat, and you could even take it out of the car and unfold it to make a bed in the hotel room or wherever. It’s pretty cool – and it was possibly Kylie’s favorite place to be!

Her favorite place to snooze during a long road trip..

Her favorite place to stand guard, or rather sit and guard her CRV…

Definitely the best place to look down at people in tiny little cars..

and no question, the best place ever to just cruise and be cool!

But Kylie is always cool!

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