Clearly comfort is very important to Kylie, and ok, maybe she was a little spoiled…

Once upon a time one girl bought a new set of sheets that she selected strictly for the lovely color, giving little thought to the thread count which was around 200. She came home and put the sheets on the bed where Kylie at the time normally slept with her. That night Kylie got up on the bed and laid down, but something wasn’t quite right. She tried turning around in circles before laying down again, as a dog will do when they can’t quite get comfy. When that was unsuccessful, she tried digging and digging into the sheets like she was trying to uncover the real bedding where she was accustomed to sleeping, but that didn’t work either.

So finally with a “Fffthph” she got off the bed and laid on the floor!

The new sheets were promptly returned and replaced with something in the neighborhood of 400 thread count!

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