A friend of ours and Kylie’s once said he thought she must have been Cleopatra in a former life or something as he watched us playing her with our make up brushes. We would pretend to put blush on her cheeks and eye shadow over her great big eyes. She loved it! She loved us putting necklaces on her too.

She would even put perfume on herself. If we ever got fashion magazines, with the annoying perfume ads with the stinky sample, we could put it on the floor, she would open it and dig at it until she found the page with the perfume sample. She would then tear out that page, and tear open the flap to expose the perfume, then roll all over the page getting the smell all over herself. (you can click on the thumbnails below for larger images)

It was very funny to watch, not so pleasant to smell! She’d smell like a cheap floosie for two days!

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February 23rd, 2009

the perfume thing is among my fondest memories of Kylie and i wouldn’t have believed it unless i saw it with my own eyes. proof that she only looked like a dog but was so much more in mind and soul.

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