It’s no secret Kylie always loved the snow, but it’s not her favorite white stuff..

Kylie loved whipped cream! You know the sound it makes when you spray it out of the can? That sound would bring her running from where ever she was in the house and even wake her from a sound sleep.

And bad parents that we are, we would hold the can upside down and Kylie would dance around on her hind legs slurping up as much as we were willing to squeeze out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, sometimes we would fake her out and make that whip cream from the can noise with our mouths, just to see her come in the kitchen and get all excited! Of course then we would feel bad and would give her some other unhealthy treat.

But Kylie was smart.. you couldn’t fake her out very often. Before that trick would work again, she’d have to get the real thing a couple of times at least!


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