say_cheeseOne day back in hawaii one girl had made a very delicious, very chocolate cheesecake. And another girl had a big slice complete with oreo cookie crust, on a plate on the coffee table and went back to the kitchen for a fork.

She came back into the room to see Kylie, front paws on the coffee table, with the entire piece of cheesecake in her mouth!!

She made a break for it.. the girl shouted, “STOP!” And she did, but she held on to the cheesecake and just froze in her tracks… Then with a second shout and an order to “Drop It,” she did.

She dropped the cheesecake, though she did get a good taste – then she dropped and pretended to be really sorry when the stern, mommy finger pointed at her.

Problem was, it was hard to scold her because we were laughing!

Can’t blame a girl for trying!

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