We received a wonderful email from a friend of ours and of Kylie’s. Hope he doesn’t mind that we’re sharing it here…

I know it must still be as hard as ever. I was just at “two girls and a dog” and I was tearing up. I was chatting with a friend of mine last night who lives in Toronto (Kylie went to Toronto!?! You’ll have to tell me about it) and she has a little dog too, so I directed her over to Kylie’s page and even she was tearing up just thinking about it. She was an amazing little girl! (Kylie, not the friend I was chatting with… I don’t need Chris Hansen and Dateline knocking at my door! ….. again)

Anyway, I was reading through the blog posts and saw the story of how she would only respond to Howard for a while (didn’t you call ME Howard for a while? Since I looked like Howard Stern for a bit). I also saw where your friend thought she was Cleopatra in a former life, I remember you telling me that story. I also remember her fascination with perfume samples! I always think that particular personality was a flamboyant flapper from the 20s! Because Kylie was the Bee’s Knees and the Cat’s Pajamas all rolled in to one! There were definitely a lot of personalities in that little pooch, and you of all people knew, she had to be a “very old soul”. Hopefully, if there is Kismet, Serendipity, and Reincarnation, she will somehow find her way back to you. And if I know Kylie, even if you got another dog, she’d get in there and take it over! She was a little badass in that respect! I picture her thumping her chest sayin’, “Not in MY house!”

With Kylie and you guys, I have to think of the final line from the movie “Pretty Woman”, that after you rescued “The Princess”, she rescued you right back!


So true. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.