It was no secret that Kylie loved to go shopping – for toys or treats, or sometimes even new collars, beds, or clothes! [Like the time she let us know which new bed she wanted by peeing on it IN the store so of course we bought it, even thought it was about five times too big for her!]


But Kylie had another version of shopping that she would do without leaving the house. And I don’t mean online shopping.. While Kylie was ahead of her time where the internet is concerned, she wasn’t quite that advanced. I’m talking about every time we got home from shopping how Kylie would stick her head in each and every bag looking for anything we might have bought for her…

And the really impressive part was, every time there was something in one of those bags that was for Kylie, which I must admit was pretty often, she always found it, pulled it out of the bag and claimed it as hers! How did she know?? What told her that one particular little ‘stuffed thing’ was intended for her, not us? Why did she ignore a bag of human goodies but unpack a bag of Kylie treats?

We did fool her once, when we bought a stuffed thing because her “frenemy”, Min, had a birthday coming up… So Min got her present with some teeth marks in it and no doubt smelling like slobber. Kylie seemed pretty pleased with herself about that too!

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