We decided we wanted to have our friend/photographer Nicole do a special photo shoot of Kylie and her best non-friend, Min, as a gift for Min’s mum & dad. It turned out to be a cold, rainy day so we made it an inside shoot so we went with a theme that worked well indoors..

Then at some point we had been focusing on Min for awhile trying to help her get over her camera shyness to get some great shots like this..

Well apparently Kylie had gotten bored waiting, or wanted to get back to the center of attention, because out of nowhere she kind of stumbled into the frame with her hood over her eyes! We were laughing so hard we didn’t get any photos of her walking around with her nose up and her eyes covered, but then she plopped down right in the middle and Nicole got a couple like this..

She had been wearing her hoodie for some earlier shots, but we have no idea how she got the hood on. It was so obviously intentional, and so hilarious!

She was such a clown and just loved to make us laugh!

[You can see many, many more pics from Kylie & Min’s photo shoot on nicolehowardphotography.com]

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