Recently we found somebody online explaining their dog’s brilliantly lazy naptime routine, he would take a mouthful of food from his bowl and drop it on the floor then lay down with his mouth near the food and nod off. So that way if he wakes up hungry, he doesn’t even have to get up – gotta admire that kind of ingenuity!

And it reminded us of Kylie’s dinnertime routine. Because absolutely everything was an opportunity for fun & games, Kylie would take a mouthful of food and make a spinning jump letting the food fly out of her mouth as she turned. So kibble went flying in multiple directions – we would hear it from the other room, rolling across the floor, hitting the baseboard or the cabinets, and sometimes a metal ‘clink’ sound when it would hit the stove. Then came the best part for Kylie.. she would hunt and stalk the food and be very pleased with herself when each morsel was captured! Sometimes she would even pick up one of the individual pieces once it was found and give it another toss across the room just so she could hunt it down again!

Come to think of it, she had a very similar technique whenever we were eating mexican food and gave her pieces of flour tortilla. No idea why.. but it became her prey and her the hunter! Sometimes it seemed like she was the comedian and we were her adoring audience, but I can assure you that Kylie was far more interested in entertaining herself than us – most of the time anyway. We were just lucky enough to be able to witness her and her zest for life!

Is it any wonder we love her so much?!

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